Minutes 21st January 2020

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 21st January 2020 at Winterborne Kingston Village Hall, commencing 7pm

Cllrs R Allcock, R Brock, K Langdown, H Andrews, B Newman
Cllr R Jessopp
Clerk: Mrs A Crocker

Also present: 4 members of the public and Dorset Councillor Emma Parker

1. Public Participation

20.128 There were no issues raised.

2. Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

20.129 No interests were declared at this stage.

3. Apologies

20.130 Apologies had been received from Cllrs Dave Knapp and Ron Sorrell.

4. Minutes of the meeting held on the 19th November 2019

20.131 A copy of the minutes had been issued to all members prior to the start of the meeting. Cllr Brock proposed them to be a true and accurate representation of the meeting. This was seconded by Cllr Langdown and agreed unanimously. The minutes were signed by the Chairman in the presence of the meeting.

5. Matters arising from the minutes for report only

20.132 Tax Base – The Clerk reported that, following the November meeting and the submission of the Parish Council’s precept request, the tax base had been issued by Dorset Council for each village. The charge for a Band D property will be:

Winterborne Kingston – 2019/20 £109.53; 2020/21 £116.03 – an increase of £6.50p.a Winterborne Zelston – 2019/20 £47.33: 2020/21 £50.46 – an increase of £3.13p.a. Winterborne Anderson – 2019/20 £38.14: 2020/21 £37.17 – a decrease of 97p p.a.

6. Dorset Councillor’s Report

20.133 Cllr, Parker reported that, on 13th January, Dorset Council held a budget meeting. The precept had yet to be agreed but it will probably be going up by 4%, plus the 2% for adult and child services. They will be increasing the adult service budget by £10.7m and children’s services by £10.3 – this will be covered by an increase in the precept, together with savings made from other departments.
The budget will be agreed at Full Council in February.

7. Finance

20.134 To confirm the payment of accounts

The following payments had been requested:

DAPTC Clerk’s seminar BACS007 17.50
JSR Treecare WK grass cutting BACS008 833.33
Dorset Council Trade Waste – November 2019 BACS009 11.55
Dorset Trees Supply & planting of trees BACS010 200.00
Dorset Council Trade Waste – December 2019 BACS011 11.55
DC Pension Fund Pension contribution – Dec’19 and Jan’20 BACS012 242.00
WK Hall Hire April’19 to March ’20 BACS013 56.00
R Brock Reimburse Pop In Christmas lunch BACS014 140.00
WK Hall Hire Pop In hall hire 7/19 to 11/19 BACS015 88.00
A Crocker Dec & Jan wages + expenses BACS016 852.64
JSR Treecare January grass cutting BACS017 833.33

The total amount requested from the Precept this month is £3,285.90.

Cllr Luxford proposed the payments are made. This was seconded by Cllr Newman and agreed unanimously.

20.135 To confirm the reconciliation of accounts and position against budget

A copy of both reports had been issued to members prior to the start of the meeting. Cllr Newman proposed the reports were accepted. This was seconded by Cllr Luxford and agreed unanimously.

8. Speed Watch update

20.136 Cllr Andrews reported that the weather had prevented too many outings for the team. The Police camera team joined the Speed Watch team on the 20th January and were out for one hour, from 9am, and two drivers will be receiving tickets. Ultimately, the attendance of the Police camera will help Speed Watch as drivers will not be aware of when they are likely to be in attendance. The NPCC have a big initiative currently running regarding speeding. There are three sessions booked for the week commencing 27th January, but it will be weather dependent. The Police will be joining the Speed Watch team roughly every 12 weeks. There are now over 80 Speed Watch teams in Dorset.

9. WK Community Hub update

20.137 Cllr Luxford asked if it would be possible to get the oven professionally cleaned. A donation of £20 has been received from the Greyhound for the use of the projector and this could be put towards the cleaning cost. The alarm has been triggered twice over the winter period. It appears to be the wind that sets the alarm off as it is an old system.

Thanks are extended to Mr Shaxson for the donation of a brand new video recorder and camera.

Cllr Langdown has had a look at the windows and reported that they are all aluminium. Some of the windows cannot be reached due to the overgrown brambles which need to be cleared as soon as possible.

10. To receive an update on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan

20.138 Cllr Brock reported that an invitation for volunteers will be going into the next issue of the Red Post and is on the Parish Council’s web site. A notice will also be put up on the village notice boards and on the Facebook page.

11. Planning applications and tree work proposals

20.139 Nothing had been received at the time of the meeting.

12. WK Playground

20.140 Cllr Allcock reported that he has requested two quotes for the painting of the play equipment but has not received and response. He will try again.

13. Home Watch/Flood Watch

20.141 Graham Hyde reported that water levels had looked worrying over the Christmas period. There had been a great deal of water coming off the fields but, fortunately, nothing happened. The borehole at Delcombe Wood is currently 1m below what it was at Christmas. Flood alerts remain in place.

Following 2014 the Cameron government made money available for flood defence measures for properties. There are 5 properties in the village that received the defence measures. This year was the first time they had been tested and they worked well.

When the new Unitary Council was formed Graham attended an Environment Agency flood meeting and, following that meeting, the village has been included on the sandbag stores locations and has been given additional bags and sand.

Reporting block drains – if you ring the officer direct, it is possible to jump the queue. Otherwise, reporting it on the dorsetforyou web site will take 28 days to get a respond.

14. Parish Councillors’ Reports

20.142 Cllr Andrews – She and Jenny Brock attended the defibrillator training at the Brewery in Blandford. There were only about 15 people present and it was very interesting, covering everything from CPR to use of the defib. The training was carried out by the Ambulance Service. The noticeboard outside the village hall has been broken by a football. The materials have all been ordered and a cost will be available at the February meeting. In the meantime, temporary measures have been taken to try to shore up the noticeboard.

15. Correspondence receive since the agenda was set

20.143 Cllr Jessopp and Allcock will review the grass cutting tenders and a recommendation taken to the February meeting.

16. Items for the February agenda

20.144 Members are reminded to pass any items for inclusion on the agenda to the Clerk by the 10th February.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 19:43pm.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th February 2020 at Winterborne Zelston Village Hall, commencing 7pm.

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